The MLM Scam: Why PLR Ebooks Trump Multi-Level Marketing Affiliates

Multi-Level Marketing Scamming

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a thing of the past. Sure, you have those who’ll disagree and dismiss this fact. But the most blatant truth of the matter is obvious; MLM for many, just doesn’t pay the bills. To be quite frank, MLM just plain downright sucks. The way I see it, those involved with the likes of becoming another’s affiliate online through third-party ventures are being played as “suckers”, nonetheless. For that is the colloquial term often used by the so-called gurus who describe their signups. I’ve heard it time and time again. If you are either currently an affiliate or have been, then you’ve certainly fallen victim to the grand scheme.

Why MLM Is All A “Pyramid” Scam, No Exceptions

Work from home jobs are supposed to be comforting. Ask yourself a question; what is the main reason you seek to make money from home? I’d bet it is somewhat pertinent to be your own boss, right? Exactly. Well, as an online affiliate, your networking activities are conducted specifically to benefit your boss – whomever controls the back-office page when you login. If that last part doesn’t bother you, then hold on to your hat because this is all relative information that you should already know.

Look, online marketing automation makes all the difference when you work from home. I see it not as merely coincidental that affiliate “gurus” never incorporate it into their training. In other words, they know that if you keep a slave dumbed down, the better chances they will remain loyal. Do you really think that someone will provide you and everyone else the secrets to how they make a living online, free of charge? I mean, come on let’s be real here. Nobody is going to give you something for nothing. And especially something that is so valuable as a life improving tool, nonetheless even.

Multi-level marketing is distinctly setup to disadvantage of its signups. It is designed specifically to create workers in promoting its own form of products and/or services. It’s just as simple as it sounds. So riddle me this: how can you as an MLM affiliate grow rich, when someone else is responsible for controlling all of your income? You see, it just does not occur on a realistic quality scale. It’s all hogwash. You’ll never make a sustainable living marketing services through anyone else. I liken the dream to the analogy of the lab rat or Guinea-pig constantly chasing the fruit placed its head whilst operating the “hamster-wheel”. For that is all that this is; one gigantic pyramid-scheme, or hamster wheel.

“MLM ‘gurus’ intentionally’ seek novice online marketers. They view the ‘newbies’ and amateur’s inexperience as fresh-blood. Just like a bloodthirsty vampire, they suck you dry.”

“All of your efforts lie only toward promoting their brand. Whereas the experienced marketer avoids this altogether; for they know the profits come only from building independently.”

“Think about it: upon login, you tap into someone else’s back-office. They basically give you a password for your chosen username, where you can check your progress and analytical data, right?… No, wrong. Get a clue. If you login their back-office, do you not think that they can also manipulate and take your funds?”

“That alone gives them the advantage of robbing you of your leads, incoming payments and hard work. You essentially work for the guru, and they steal your profits keeping all the money. It’s a pyramid, so remember that those at the top are those who profit.”

  • Kevin Tyler, E-marketing Consultant

Make Money From Home Through Building Your Own Enterprise

The right way to make money online consists of building your own structure. From this comes a certain relief campaign. That utmost feeling of clarity when you know that you are not being cheated, nor otherwise scammed for your income generating tactics. You can do it. It takes some longer than others. The real factor here primarily depends upon time itself. How much time do you have to devote to your network? Because timing is essentially everything that is required fundamentally for the outcome, time management is crucial.

I urge people going independent to start by writing online reviews of their experiences. Nothing else says authenticity quite like personal perception. For example, my experience with multi-level marketing was indeed a harsh reality. For that same reason therefore, I cannot genuinely understand exactly why anyone would prolong their endeavors with MLM. For the entrepreneur, it figuratively serves as nothing more than a train wreck. If ever you wanted to exploit unto someone what not to do, then MLM is your target. Always remember to grow your targeted audience via e-Newsletter. If you have not yet found your audience, then the newsletter campaign shall successfully adopt your readership through commitment alone.

People love a good email full of helpful information. Especially that of which suffices the overall need for how to adapt to moneymaking. Our team consistently helps others monetize in unconventional methods suited for the experienced and novice requirements. If you lack material, then I highly suggest that you take the newsletter route. It’s easier to monetize, plus it’s much faster and safer than YouTube. Even though video marketing content tends to trump many other forms, respectively. Emails tend to spread like wildfire. When an individual likens your email, they usually will forward it to friends, and so on. Before you know it, that video upload or PLR article specifically undergoes review upon various platforms. Then, it gets shared via Google Plus, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, among others.

Never underestimate the true power of online interaction. And do not forget how important online marketing automation really is. With so many creative ways to generate income via social media, it is rather unwise to exclude yourself therefrom. Private label rights products or PLR, I found is the best way to promote from within. This way, you can truly hold accountable every major and minor activity that occurs throughout your infrastructure, nonetheless. Responsibility is not for everyone. But hey, it sure beats working for free and for some total stranger who will rob you blindly in return.


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