Social Media Marketing: Instagram Business Tips

Using Instagram As A Marketing Platform

Instagram, the social media mobile app, is among the most popular online. Chances are, that you’re building your brand using this platform. Well, it’s definitely useful for the promotion of a business startup. There are different variations and methods to use of course. Some of them work for others, while using originality may provide a foothold as well. I use a combination of what I know works, in addition to experimentation. Through trial and error, we’ll find the best marketing methods together.

Learn/Follow The Instagram Marketing App Rules

Every mobile app has its rules and regulations. Most oftentimes, you’ll want to adhere to them. Otherwise, you could be guided to the exit door or link rather. Yes, I know there are some “hacks” that persist. These hacks in particular will allow for a slight or a major bending of the rules, but we’ll cover this topic another time. Look, online marketing automation can only take you so far in regards to boosting a profile. Your marketing tools are best utilized through manual application on Instagram, or IG. Content marketing should involve your own set of user principles.


Basic Content Marketing Strategy

  1. Multiply The Instagram ‘Create Account’ Feature – Setup More Than 1
  2. Always Create Instagram Account Name Relative To Your Work From Home Business (Example: “925FromHome_com”)
  3. Employ A Simple Marketing Strategy (Example: Always Leave A CAPTURE PAGE LINK Within The Bio-Link Space. Nothing Else!!!)

Sure, there are a few petty rules to remember whenever posting pictures. That is why despite what I see on other profiles, I conduct a routine toward maximizing my consistent efforts. Whereas not adhering to the following procedure can quickly result in temporary suspension. There is a limit to the number of ‘Shoutouts’, or ‘@’ sign handle mentioning for each picture post. To play it safe, I usually limit this number to 3 per post. It’s not necessary to conduct shoutouts for every post, but it does attract interaction. The level of interaction mostly depends on your number of followers.

Content Marketing Best Practices

Instagram Marketing BusinessUltimately, I think that the best way to go is to setup both active Twitter accounts with Instagram. The strategy involves combining them. This will reach out to your audience on either platform, simultaneously. It also eliminates the login headache of repeatedly overseeing each account. There’s really no requirement for a review on how to conduct this action, even for network marketing beginners. Just visit the settings page in either app, and it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Twitter viewers can catch a visual feed of online structured posts. And this works well, because people generally respond to video and audio content more than text publishing. Keep your comments short and simple. But always do maintain a level of structured commentary. Otherwise, the posts will only appear as mediocre and lazy. Never forget to bear in mind, if you dislike the standard Twitter app, then there are other available options.

Are Alternative Mobile Apps Better?

I for one, much prefer the standard Instagram app. But when it comes to Twitter, I use an alternative. Sure, the alternative that I use typically has glitches and crashes galore. But it’s a free and easy to use system. That’s not even mentioning it doesn’t crash, nor require upgrades nearly as much as the standard application. There are downsides and programming errors to virtually everything available. But the bottom line is this; the use of said particular app results in leads.


So, there you have it. Glitches galore, but also on the turnaround online lead generation galore. I essentially create hashtags from mere memory, because the tagging feature on this app is horrendous at best. But this here isn’t meant as an article for reviews about the app particularly, rather. I just thought it would be worth mentioning. Although the review can be seen if interested. And by the way, the name of this app is ‘Twidere’. The spelling is T-W-I-D-E-R-E, for our audio listeners. I wish it had a referral program, because I generally tend to avoid providing free plugs and promotion. On the other hand, I want you to succeed nonetheless even.

So in conclusion, just follow the set of rules given within the content of this article. If you have not already signed up to our exclusive newsletter, then be sure to. You’ll get wealth of information and knowledge on securing leads the free way.

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