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Online Marketing Automation and Social Media

Social Media Marketing and Automation

Online marketing automation is the key to success in this field. We are bombarded with levels of advertising so advanced, that a manual means of approach is near impossible for its effectiveness. If you want to make money from home, then search engine optimization (SEO) must be applied. There’s no other way around this. I’ll tell you that a common mistake among network marketers is that they frequently misuse their keyword(s) input. Meaning, that whenever you type something and it goes online, keyword entry should be optimized. That includes social media. There is no exception.

Whenever I login to my Instagram or Twitter accounts, I use a distinct set of actions. These actions or rules implemented, thereby set into place the organized structure to which catalogues my SEO pertinence. I notice that most profiles on Instagram or IG, as people refer to it, ignore the SEO functionality altogether. Upon posting, they are in such a hurry to spam their products or promotion that the subtitles are forgotten. This is a very common and costly gesture. Why others tend to think that the comment section via IG does not apply to Google’s algorithm, I do not know. Nor, do I understand how leaving the comment space blank instead of plugging away your keywords is socially acceptable. Especially in a realm so dominated by self-proclaimed 6 and 7-figure top-tier entrepreneurs.

But that goes to show you that many, if not most profiles that are the construct of social media are pretentious, indeed. This is exactly why I prefer to market primarily e-books, or at best PLR e-books within my posts. With Instagram, too many differentiating third-party entities claiming violation of their “intellectual property” rights are abundant. I strongly suggest online marketing automation for this specific reason. Because at least with automated posts, you will not have either lost, nor wasted valuable time creating posts to which are then autonomously obstructed. Please be mindful that when posting via Twitter, the automatic tweets can be preset in advance.

Presetting Auto-Tweets For Content Optimization

Perhaps the biggest factor in which entrepreneurs neglect their Twitter profile is due to time. Time restraints can cripple your networking campaign, if you exercise only manual execution. Manual interaction is effective however, the objective should be to resolve manual exclusivity at large. Do not spend more than a couple hours daily tweeting. Because even then, it is extreme. Instead, try to employ smart time management skills. You must understand that for even those individuals with extended periods of leisure, time management must be engaged. I would much rather spend 2 hours toward creating valuable content. The content creation is essentially what will result in bringing leads to your offer(s). And from there, your automated e -newsletter campaign should close the sale.

You see, it works like this…

The Twitter page attracts your audience. Through its ongoing release of automated content, reviews, capture page links, YouTube videos, articles, etc. you gain leads. Therefore, you are then likely rewarded with the excess of time to commit exclusively to creating your new content. Content is distributed in rotation throughout your various channels. And need I mention the obvious?… You should never only have a single profile in any such platform. Always create multiple profiles for your promotional success. Doing so will only broaden the likes of attracting new followers in selected forms of interest. For example, if you stuck to one specific set or group of hashtags, then your audience over a period of time limits its growth potential. Be sure to always develop newer, fresher hashtags. Build yourself up, but keep your foundation solid.

Why Interaction Goes A Long Way

Have you ever noticed how the Instagram picture posts with the most likes frequently contain a dialogue? The commentary section was built to provide more interaction among those interested. Your profile should include “shoutout”s to welcome visitors into viewing said profile. Nobody wants to read review typically after noticing zero interaction. I’ll give you a hint; because most who engage these mobile app(s) are merely followers, they will hesitate to respond to a post. The objective here is to make it go viral. Just find something relative to your niche and present it using SEO. The keyword fashion will handle the rest.

“Develop a multitude of hashtags relevant to your online campaign. Avoid repeated references of ways to make money from home. If the lead is interested, they will look into the offer.”

“No need to force them into joining your newsletter. Because usually, should this persist, it turns others away and that spells sells lost.”

“Create multiple accounts while frequently updating desired tags.”

  • Kevin Tyler, E-marketing Consultant
  • Step 1) Since trending tags change constantly, try organizing them with a notepad mobile app (Android & iOS) vertically.

Notepad App

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  • Step 2) Then, copy/paste them to a email message sent unto yourself. (Include precious keywords.)
  • Step 3) Whenever posting a new video/picture to Instagram, always go to email tag list (from Step 2), copy list of keywords, go back to IG page and then paste list before or after posting content.

The 3-step method will allow you to boost your Google search engine ranking presence.

Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines are affected by IG, so your work will be noticed. Video(s) platform does not get quite as much attention from IG profiles, except for those with very high traffic volumes. Also, Twitter is recommended for promoting lengthy PLR articles. A good example would be tweeting review articles, a “how to” collective series or e-books on how to work from home. All of the aforementioned should be addressed and thus targeted for a hungry audience seeking gainful prospective leads.

Do not simply login to only one primary account. But instead, instinctively make it your short term goal in a sense to operate the bulk of your content production elsewhere. Remember, the key to success is to spread yourself by way of exposure. There is no such rule that will allow you to only manage one account indefinitely. So take advantage. Copy and paste the keywords when you have nothing left to do. Getting those articles in high circulation will become easy; notably, with utilizing the right autopilot system.

When everything is organized and securely structured, it runs efficiently. The leads pour in from constant tweets and online posts. The content is presented as fresh and new. The structured material retains its value. And the newsletter or autoresponder carries the weight of reminding the leads. Please note that an effective campaign is only possible with an outstanding autoresponder. This is where you may add all of the extra incentives such as contests, giveaways and prizes. You should try presenting the aforementioned at least on 3 separate monthly occasions.

Above all else, make certain to have a good time with split test(s). As long as the fun factor is present, the likelihood of your efforts succeeding are at a peak. Just keep it simple for your leads, and the success will undoubtedly arrive in due time.


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