Network Marketing

Network Marketing Automation (Using Systems)

by Chuck Checkman,


7 Tips to Create a Bullet-Proof Marketing System

Network marketing is hard! If you think you can push some magic button and instantly have hundreds of leads or money just flow into your bank account… you’re crazy! This business can be much easier if you have a proven network marketing system of duplication which will allow you to help your team achieve maximum results. Before we get into the juicy goodness that is the perfect network marketing system, let’s talk about what is not working, but unfortunately most network marketers are still doing. And what’s worse is this is probably the single reason why there is a 95% failure rate in this industry. We all know that sometimes the most simplest explanation is usually the best… so we will keep this in mind when dissecting why 95% of network marketers fail. The reason network marketers fail 95% of the time is because the marketing methods they are being taught fail 95% of the time. I know you’re thinking this is too simple, but I think that’s why people disregard it. What are the failing network marketers being taught? Let’s find out.

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