Michael Jordan Racism Exposed

Michael Jordan Finally Exposed…As A Racist

Are the existing rumours surrounding Michael Jordan actually true? Years of speculation concerning the NBA legend’s racial preferences hid amongst the population. It began with a confession within his 2014 book-release entitled, “Michael Jordan: The Life” by author Roland Lazenby. The book unveiled an image previously unbeknownst to his followers. The Michael Jordan racism controversy flourished as hearsay nonetheless, before the book’s admission stunned both readers and non-readers alike. Most fans were caught in a disarray of defenselessness by the Jordan racist statement.

All of this occurred during a time when culturally and collectively, reality itself seemed to be crumbling. Today is unlike anything else the world has experienced. I mean, have you ever witnessed so many celebrities who expressed their contempt for someone, due specifically unto racial differences? Surely, this must be the new trend as the majority of the public adopts racism as the norm…

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