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NASA: Government Black Project (Part XI)

by Chuck Checkman, - Life is undoubtedly full of surprises. To every which way that any given person may turn, the same applies. The lives of everyone matter, or do they? It should become apparent that despite encountering personal experiences, all

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Mr Lazar: Government Black Project (Part X)

by Chuck Checkman, - The stage is set for mass propaganda. The secret society known popularly as the Illuminati, draws its new public distinction from this. In the modern-day and age, anything is possible through exposure. Whereas, the same way that

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Robert Lazar: Government Black Project (Part IX)

by Chuck Checkman, - The study of UFOs, or Ufology, has evolved from being top-secret into a novelty all its own. The main question of which many self-proclaimed experts within the respective field fail to ask, pertinently suggests that such inquisitive

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Bob Lazar: Government Black Project (Part VIII)

by Chuck Checkman, - There are some things for which cannot be denied. Skepticism is a naturally attributed characteristic, employed when most of us can smell a lie. Sadly however, most so choose to believe their initial source of information. Despite

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Area 51: Government Black Project (Part VII)

by Chuck Ckeckman, - Perhaps the greatest indicator of humility is defined through our intentions. That's one of those quotes that potentially sound amazing, when heard. Sadly, most are too abundantly nurturing their ignorance, for them to awaken. If such a

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Bushman: Government Black Project (Part VI)

by Chuck Checkman, - The definitive purpose of a weapon is to defy opposition. Since the dawn of the ufo crash era of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, strict measures have remained intact, in the midst of international and domestic eavesdropping.

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Boyd Bushman: Government Black Project (Part V)

by Chuck Checkman, - 'Black' projects continue to be the staple of many skeptic's imaginative theory. Conspiracy theory driven folklore surrounds the hype overridden by design; a cultural phenomenon, orchestrated by the people. The scientific world would never be the same,

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Aurora Operation: Government Black Project (Part IV)

by Chuck Checkman, - The US Government funded classified space plane program, codenamed Operation Aurora, exists only to those immediately involved. There is an abundance of misinformation continually surfacing even today, mere decades following the initial Operation Aurora speculative ufo sightings.

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James Holmes: Black Government Project (Part III)

by Chuck Checkman, - From a Russian and American perspective, aircraft has all except become obsolete. Gone are the days of slowly progressing technology, secretly. The US Air Force command has transitioned itself from prioritizing aircraft development, to now monitoring outer-space

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Ben Rich: Government Black Project (Part II)

by Chuck Checkman, - Flying saucers are a thing of mystery. Many people like to ridiculously speculate, and without reason fail to calculate the possibilities. Whether fictionalized, or formalized scientific theorem, it integrates the ideological principles relative unto an 18th century

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