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US Government: Your Vote Will Never Count

by Chuck Checkman, - If you think that your electoral vote yields not unto those in power, then you're wrong. Your vote is irrelevant, plain and simple. As a American citizen, your legal right to vote within the US never was.

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Obama Supporters

by Chuck Checkman, - Have you idiots ever familiarized your pathetic selves with the term collectively recognized as 'Mass Stockholm Syndrome'? Well, if you're a Black person of American origin at birth, then you'd best prepare yourself for quite the lashing

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Humanity: How Is Technology Advancement Killing It?

by Chuck Checkman, - Look around you. What do you see before your eyes? Well, there is a good chance that whatever you see unless traversing the wilderness, that technology has forged its components somehow unto your surroundings. Actually, even amidst

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Propaganda Watch: Is Obama The Antichrist?

by Chuck Checkman, - Chances are that you've probably heard or read about the rhetoric concerning Barack Obama's foul play in political leadership. As a matter of fact, Washington officials are receiving an increased level of backlash from civilians. The policies

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U.S. Conspiracy: Ebola Outbreak

by Chuck Checkman, - Conspiracy theorists recently have been subjected to criticism in the wake of a U.S. national pandemic scare. Ebola, a very deadly and contagious disease has spread rapidly throughout the continent of Africa, and has now managed to

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The US Government Conspiracy

by Chuck Checkman, - The Obama administration is a political strain. Regardless of one's perception, he or she must agree that policies set forth by Barack Obama 's associates have shrunken the United State's already lackluster reputation of integrity in foreign

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Ebola Strains Scientifically Engineered To Increase Mortality

by Chuck Checkman,   In the year 2014, the western world was introduced to a deadly disease for which could potentially destroy the human race. This disease is known as Ebola. The Ebola virus has been systematically engineered over many years

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NSA Conspiracy Alert: Smartphone Secrets

by Chuck Checkman, - Your smart devices are monitoring your every action. In fact, each and every single last one of your modern electronic 'smart' devices watches and listens to you. You're being spied directly upon even when you're device

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