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James Holmes: Black Government Project (Part III)

by Chuck Checkman, - From a Russian and American perspective, aircraft has all except become obsolete. Gone are the days of slowly progressing technology, secretly. The US Air Force command has transitioned itself from prioritizing aircraft development, to now monitoring outer-space

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Ben Rich: Government Black Project (Part II)

by Chuck Checkman, - Flying saucers are a thing of mystery. Many people like to ridiculously speculate, and without reason fail to calculate the possibilities. Whether fictionalized, or formalized scientific theorem, it integrates the ideological principles relative unto an 18th century

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Robert Lazar: Government Black Project (Part I)

by Chuck Checkman, - The United States Government is suspected of withholding advanced technology from the general public. Throughout history, many nation's lower economic class have speculated upon evaluating those for whom they perceive as superior, especially politicians to have access

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Militia VS Mexican Drug Cartels

by Chuck Checkman, - Countrymen are practically the backbone of their respective nation. The drug-trafficking, or the "traffic" business is probably the the fastest wealth building opportunity within their nation, when considering the flow of exponential production, monetarily. And, of course

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Sony Hack Justifies US Killing Kim Jong-Un

by Chuck Checkman, - North Korea is a sovereign nation state that has undergone sanction to an extent of overwhelming political corruption. The world is now growing somewhat increasingly aware, in the consciously opposing efforts that divide sovereign governments. But let

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United Nations Arms Trade Treaty

by Chuck Checkman, - These last few years have been terrifying for many Americans. TITEzine recently conducted a survey that was completely random, asking citizens if they're gut revealed to them that something big was going down, soon. Something definitely seems

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‘The Interview’ Movie & Illuminati Conspiracy

by Chuck Checkman, - The movies were never the same after the theatrical release of The Interview cinema display. I probably am unable to compare such a heavily publicized feature film to anything else that has hit the silver screen, recently.

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MacFarlane’s ‘Family Guy’ Conspiracy

by Chuck Checkman, - We all are at least somewhat familiar with the creativity of the animated television series "Family Guy", and it's creator/writer Seth MacFarlane. Some believe that MacFarlane is a mastermind. Others have quoted that his ingenuity changed the

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