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Nuclear Bombs Will Detonate

by Chuck Checkman, - Facts are not conspiracy theory. Mainstream media outlets worldwide have begun the ritual of attempting to discredit and even belittle alternative journalism. Why would they do that? In the case of Big Brother vs The Sleeping Giant

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Rappers Stitches & Riff Raff: CIA Paid Gimmicks

by Chuck Checkman, - We're all accustomed to the whole Hip Hop Illuminati theme by now, right? Of course, you continue to see all sorts of seemingly odd symbolism. That's just the nature of conspiracy theory, well isn't it? Yeah, think

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Joan Rivers Assassination Plan

by Chuck Checkman, - We all underestimate the power of proof sometimes. Some things should never be underestimated, and for good reason. Propaganda has been believed as the stuff of legend lately, or at least excused as such by hipsters and

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Americana: From John Wayne To Thug Culture

by Chuck Checkman, - We all can somehow relate to our own distinct prejudices, can't we? After all, your cerebral thoughts are essentially a part of you. Many people fail however to realize just exactly the derivative of their preconceived thoughts

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El Narco: Mexican Drug-Trafficking Lifestyle

by Chuck Checkman, - Moneymaking can be an addictive passion. It can also be one's utmost object of obsession. But for some, generating revenue is merely a gateway for a life filled with unexpectable occurrences. Twists and turns in the life

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Blacks In America: Government Social Experiment

by Chuck Checkman, - Whoever originally coined the phrase "Ignorance is bliss", must have certainly been an American of African ancestry. Black people in America are now the recipients of seemingly every racially counterproductive stereotype modernly derived. And rightfully so. Let

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US Government: Your Vote Will Never Count

by Chuck Checkman, - If you think that your electoral vote yields not unto those in power, then you're wrong. Your vote is irrelevant, plain and simple. As a American citizen, your legal right to vote within the US never was.

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Obama Supporters

by Chuck Checkman, - Have you idiots ever familiarized your pathetic selves with the term collectively recognized as 'Mass Stockholm Syndrome'? Well, if you're a Black person of American origin at birth, then you'd best prepare yourself for quite the lashing

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